Measurement unit

Measurement unit

The SVMU version 02 unit is a professional type device which allows continuous measurement of the level of stray voltages in the animal environment.

The unit breaks down the measurement into two components:

  • RMS component (Alternative voltage of low and high frequency),
  • MAX component (Instantaneous voltage spike).

Each of these components has its own alarm level which can be programmed as required. When a component exceeds its alarm level, a buzzer alerts the user and the following information is displayed:

  • Alarm date,
  • Alarm time,
  • Alarm code,
  • Alarm description.

Each alarm is recorded in a history which makes it possible to navigate from the most recent alarm to the oldest alarm which greatly simplifies the search for a problem.

In addition, to guarantee the reliability of the measurements, the unit performs a daily check of its electronic circuits.

This product is offered in two models:

  • SVMU-a02-H1 designed for four measurement points,
  • SVMU-b02-H1 designed for two measurement points.