Stray voltage service

Stray voltage service-isolation-tester-oscilloscope

The stray voltage service aims to significantly reduce the negative impact of your electrical installation on animal behavior and productivity. This service is complementary to the inspection service.

The following three measures are essential for establishing a professional diagnosis :

  • Continuous measurement of the level of stray voltages in the animal environment using the “WaveRider” recording system (minimum recording of 24 hours),
  • Measurement of the impact of each electrical equipment on animals using a digital recording oscilloscope,
  • Measurement of the insulation of each of the circuits and equipment of your electrical installation using a high voltage generator.

The analysis of these three measures is summarized in a professional diagnosis which includes recommendations for reducing the level of stray voltage in the animal environment.

Subsequently, the recommendations presented in the diagnosis must be applied by your electrical contractor.

This service is offered jointly with the Baillargeon Group (