Since 1999, we offer the technical service dedicated to stray voltages. The purpose of this service is to minimize stray voltages in the animal environment and thereby minimize their negative effects on animal behavior and health. To achieve this objective, we opt for recognized solutions that have proven themselves such as :

  • Improved grounding and bonding to make the animal environment safe and electrically equipotential;
  • Installation of passive reduction system such as the Agrivolt stabilizer, the Hammond filter or the isolation transformer;
  • Installation of active reduction system such as the EGS system (Electronic Grounding System);
  • Installation of inductive filters on variable speed drives to reduce transient voltage spikes.

In addition, we offer the engineering service dedicated to carrying out studies or expertise in electricity such as :

  • Grounding and bonding studies;
  • Harmonics and wave quality studies;
  • Technical expertise in complex problems solving;
  • Technical expertise in legal cases.